Monday, November 30, 2009

undecided 3

october 27 2009

Bile kita sygkn seseorang tu... its not easy for us to forget bout dem.. dats da lesson dat i learn today.

Time shows at 2 am.. i cant stop thinking on how lucky i am to ber her fren..eventhough my intention was to ber hers.. but as da topicc says.. its hard to let go someone dat u really care for.. im facing the same thins as she is.. wer she is unable to forget her bf and i am not able to forget her..she makes me really happy.. i really feel like just telling her how i really feel towards her.. but i cant do so. i love her to much dat im scared of loosing her at all.. i wish she could be mine.. wat i can do is just wait for the rite time..i just wana let u noe dat i really love u.. u may think its a joke.just because its a sudden.. but its the power of love.. mybe its not love..mybe its just a should i is blind.. honestly telling u.. hoping u would read all this n i wana let u noe that i really do love u form the bottom of my heart..

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  1. wow..i neva tot u could be dis jiwang ;)
    ~who izzit den??;D