Monday, April 13, 2009

perjumpaan mahasiswa melayu gpms UITM Kedah

Perjumpaan mahasiswa melayu gpms uitm kedah,

Perjumpaan ini dilakukan adalah untuk memberi sedikit sebanyak mengenai gabungan pelajar melayu semenanjung GPMS kepada ahli2 baru gpms. tujuan mahasiswa dlm gpms adalah untuk menolong bangsa sendiri dalam education beacuse education is the only power or weapon to defeat other ppl. this is the time where we as the mahasiswa realise that what is going to happen to our young generations?the boys and girls from any kampung? who will take action for them? who is gona help them in leading to a better life? thats when mahasiswa melayu akan masuk dan menolong bangsa sendiri. hanya bangsa sendiri akan tlg bangsa sendiri. thats the truth. im not discreminating other races nor being a racist. u can have all the friends u need in life regardless of races. but by the end of the day, who will be there for u other then ur own kind.....

our availability in universities is because we have realise the importance of protecting our own kind and we are not politician or pas. we are an non-goverment organization with good intension to help our race. in uitm, under my leadership,wif god blessing, we will be organizing a few activitities to show to the students in uitm that we do exist. our first step is to have a group binding where students will get to noe the new committees in gpms. to create mutual understanding and set the right goal of the organization which is to help our kind. next is to organize dinner wif anak yatim. to make them feel that they are not alone in this world. we are here to help and guide them.

below are a few pictures on Perjumpaan Mahasiswa Melayu gpms

Sunday, April 12, 2009

walll of MOCK

in the memories of mock is created because all of his frens loves his presence.hehe..he is funny and alot more. he is not dead kay..and im not gay. hes just not around wif his frens in University.saja rindu ja.hehehe

the legendary of MOCK!!!!!!!!!!

DBS election day

how to start eyh???

well blogs are made from stories that happen in the writers life basically im just gona tell some stories bout what really happen on DBS election day. As a start, DBS stands for Diploma in Business Studies, thats what im currently studying. recently me and sue(a best friend of mine in the university) decided to run in the election day cos we want to try it for fun. but it turns out not so fun at all. to whom have won i congrats to u all. its just my luck that i dint win or cud it be a faulty miscount of the papers? that we all would not noe..only the fuckers dat is involve would noe.

anyway it took a week for that person to count the votes. trust me.that long to noe the results. as u noe that the main reasons for me and sue to enter is JUST FOR FUN. sum ppl think that i kinda sort of like fucking crazy for the fucking post. dats not true. It is simple, if i had win of course u are entrusted to the fucking job. and im not saying its easy. its complicated. but thank god i dint win cos i can not do the job because i would not get support.

a week later,results came in. i lost and the rest won. i took it like a normal thing u noe. ppl win and ppl lose. but the fact is that i dint noe by how many percent or how many votes i lost to. it got abit unsatisfied der. but i ignore it till the program leader called me up and want to meet me in the library. so i went.

gym : hang ada dgr apa2 tak pasai election day?

me: tak..awat?ada pa?

gym : kira ang tak tau pa2 la?

me: tak,awat? tp sue ada gak tanya aku benda sama ang tanya. awat wei?

gym : tak..mcm ni..ang tau kan ang kalah..bila aku mintak kertas undi nk bg kat miss farah
result, miss terkejut ang tak menang. pastu miss suruh aku bgtau depa untuk kira skali lg. ang tau shiro kata pa? dia kata kertas undi dh buang.

me: la....mana leh buang

gym: tu la.skang aku pun tak tau nk wat cam mana.. aku nk kena wat report program tu. bila aku mintak kt shiro dia kata dah buang. dan aku nk wat statistic cmna? dia kata aku reka sendri statistic.

me: mana leh cmtu...abis skang cmna?

gym: aku pun tak tau.

sumhow we got distracted by a gurl whom i shud not mention name because later she would be proud n "gedik " bout it. after dat we just sat der quietly thinking.

gym: aku mintak kat "name cnt be mention due to the reason of gedik" brapa peratus ang kalah. ang tau dia kata pa kat aku..."pasaipa ang nk tau ikmal punya results, dia dah kalah,kalah la.den a voice from the back of the fon says that semua bdk masria ja vote ikmal bdk mahsuri tak vote pun"

me: ok..takpah la wei. aku nk bwk benda ni naek ke pihak atas plak satgi ang yang kena gak.takpa la wei..

then i left the library thinking what the fuck iss going on la right. dint noe i had some misunderstanding wif the masuri?wtf?

i went back to my room and start smsing sue and ask wat was the story behind all this. and she replied saying dat she dont noe anything. i mean cummon. gym said the gurl said that not one mahsuri vote for me but sue is from mahsuri...fucking complicated ayh?hmmm

den da excitement of the story begins(cat fights..hehe)

sue called me but it was not sue on the line. a person dat i thot was sumbody else. she started screaming on the fon all. at dat time wif the confussion and dissaponted and all, she(the caller) has lighten up the fire in me. i scream back to her. its ok for her to scream to me but its not okay for me to do dat to her.. u see? girls can be so freaking childish. it sort of like a cat fight la cos my roomates all became quiet and just watching me mumbling in penang was funny. they fucking think i cant speak penang stlye. hehhe..den i hug up the fon. later a msg enter saying dat "ni ang dh kalah cukopla, kalau tak puas ati pi la jumpa shiro,ada brani" i took it as a challenge. with the angry mode and fire in me, i really wanted to wack them but u noe.. its not worth it. i text back saying if u gurls are guys mmg dh lama akn kena pukoi..

but sumhow they took the msg as if im discriminating the force of women...MY ASS LA WEI.. they think i am a women beater..bodo gla.

anyways it just end like dat u noe. after dat i fucking let it go and all. fuck who is involve...

as a conclusion for this story...just a reminder... dun fucking underestimate me aite. u never noe things i can do for my name n my egoness..

a msg to whom it may concern:

1) if you want to do things that involve in it proffessionaly la
2) ada ubi ada batas, satu ari aku akn balas.
3) jgn igat aku tak tau hampa sapa

Saturday, April 11, 2009


yea...this was that time i was talking to dilla on the fon..hehe.. i was in front of a book store. the best part of this bookstore is that it sells quite cheap magazines and books. not bad la actually.. but it's out dated obviously.

check out the SHOEs man!!!!!!!!!


this i think is in mid valley. new one..not bad la. nice. food was not bad but expensive.hehe. as u can see i was talking to 2 phones at da same time.. wat to do....very important person to important people.hehhe ni mua kerja abg matin la duk tgkp my pics all.heheh

new in Town

life's goes on. i prefer to put picture because sumhow pictures has a thousand words in it.hehehe

this was in queensbay. chicken rice shop..

im quite new to all this.but as in today. i will start using this besh je.can put pics. i prefer here cos facebooking is to crowded.myspace pening kpala nk handle.den freindster dh cm bowing.hehehe