Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i am dissappointed in life a few days now. it started on the last day of my final paper. it was selling final paper. guess wat. it is hard.the paper was really hard. i only did wat i knew and the rest hentam saja. then it was the last day to see my frens n all cos we do not noe where we will be thrown at u noe. it could be shah alam until arau. lets just pray and hope i dun get arau. its bad enough i had to survive in Kedah. deserted place but way better then arau la. neway. wat really turn down my day was that. my best fren.refuse to see me. resfuse to say goodbye to me. eventhough she noes that, dat day could be da last day we will ever lepak together but she didnt bother at all. i was so dissappointed and moral down. i am sad till today to think about it though. its sad because for 3 years we have been frens and poof out of the sudden she dont wana see me. MAYBE i did sumthing wrong to her but i didnt realise it. how should i noe.i Am not a mirror to myself. Frens are suppose to be the mirror for yourself. for instance, let say u have somthing on ur hair and u dun realise it untill ur frens tell u. thats wat i mean by frens are suppose to act as a mirror to us. not just apperance and personality but also for attitudes and many more.

So far i hope she enjoys everybit of her time now without not pist.but just sad. she like my best fren der. but y is she treating me like diss. kalau ada ak wat salah bgtau kt ak. masalahnye bknnye kite dpt jumpe lg next time and it is da last time pun still xnk tegor. so who am i suppose to tell her dat. but i did try and she still stand wif her answer. so i just have to face it then.


u r one of my best fren, being wif u make me feel like myself. i enjoy having u around. we have so many things in and so on. i care for u lyana. i nvr meant to hurt ur feelings. i have always been der for u in any kind of way. i appreaciate everything that we have done together b.. i dunno wat else to say except that i am really sorry for all the mistakes that i have done dat hurt ur feeling. i do not have the intention to do so at all. ppls forgive me for all the sins that i have done to u. n i want u to be happy all the time. u are ryte. i should move on. and percayala i am moving on now.even fatin dun believe me but have confidence in me b. i am trying my best to move on wif who u noe la kn.. give me time and i will move on.

thank you for eveything and sory. may god bless u wif prosperous life and happiness in what ever field u will be entering later on.. peace..

Saturday, April 24, 2010


it actually quite late when i am about to share wif u guys about wat happen in the early 4 months of this year. Many things happen during this months and it happen fast. faster then a bullet train. u wana noe y i said its fast. cos i just realise that time moves really fast.


i dont really remember wat happen in this particular month. its all mixed and complicated. but so far what i noe is that i made a new fren. this person name does not need to be mention it here because i really hate him right now. i will tell u later in the other month y i hate him. so in this month, sue which is my best buddy in Uitm along wif many others, introduce to me her fren from Kl. he was her old school mate. at frist i really thought he is a dull n could be a nice person. then later on in the month, me and him got tight. basiclly wat i did was i ADAPT wif the situation. its an easy thing to do u noe.. adapting to the environment. well, when we became close. i did one mistake which i regret done it man.. i let him enter my house. i had to because at that particular time it was actually pityness frm me seeing him sleeping in the car or a motel. its not that he doesnt have a house. he has. but its far away from me and sue. so i decided to let him sleep at my place just for one night. BUT god KNows wat. he f*****ng took advantage of it. it like he nvr wanted to go home. he became close to my housemates. then they became close to him. then he became close to mock. and lastly he have the urges to create a business with them. hey, basically i have no where to go. hes always with me. its like i don even have my own 5 mins of ME.. xde.. every day he is around. those days i wish i could just tell him to bug off u noe. tp i didnt. btw during the end of this month. i met wif an accident. a pretty damn bad accident but ALHAMDULILLAH i am ok. i did not get injured. it was him to be blame.bastard.


the new born of 113 taman tasik semeling company called " Crowd zero".. name was given by him and he took it from the movie crow zero.. what an idiot. i wasnt against it u noe. hey as long as it bring money to the house im happy. then they ( the whole half of my housemate) decided to do a shirt production. as a starting company shirts. more towards T-shirts. it is nice n ok la u noe. as u noe.. im not involve in the company at all. i have circumstances that made me not join the company at that that.

later in the month was my birthday.. it was nice.. ikhwan wanted a bithday party. so we had one. a small one in kl house. not many of our frens could make it cos it was a last minute thing.but its ok. i have my family. amir came. unexpectedly nazri which is my buddy from uitm last time. he came. he was from uitm shah alam. glad he came. gave me 3 boxes of cigerates man. for my present. but wat i was hoping on that day was just a msg from somebody dat i really care. but da msg did not got to me. that person did not sent me a simple birhtday msg. it was a sad thing to think about it cause when that person birthday.damn. i gave wateva she wanted. but its ok la. benda dh nk pkr u noe. thanks to my parents and family for organizing a quick birthday party. n thanks to fatin, mira, nina,mowjo who also manages to come. thank u


march nuthing much happen actually. we celebrated papa's birthday. then it was just test n quizes. it was a very hectic month. it went actually quite fast. the next thing u noe. its april. i cant really remember wat happen during that month. but i will check wif my calender and get back to it yea. lets go to april.


April is the month of blough. as we noe its an aprilful month. well to me it really was a freaking bad month. eventhough the month is not ending yet. but so many things happen in this month.
where do we start yea? maybe i could say the days of doing our assigment. ETR was the worst man. damn tired. we have VIVA which is a presentation of our business plan. i actually think that our business plan was full wif bullshits cos we dint even want to do wat we had to do. which is to set up a business plan for a budget hotel. for me especially. i dint want to do it. but of course under circumstances i still have to do it. The worst day that happen in this month was on the 13th April 2010. that is the day that i would not forget for the rest of my life. sumthing really bad luck happen to me on that particular. i kinda cannot tell it here because i have promised some ppl that it cannot be discussed anywhere. u just think dat any worse thing that could come up to ur head right now. dats wat happen. i m really sory. i cannot tell u in here. but i just wana express in my blog so dat it will remind me of that awfull day.

Now final exam have come. basically i just finish 2 papers. ETR paper was the hardest so far. i dun noe about transportation and selling which is going to happen in next month. the 3 rd and 9 th of May. damn. i really shud start studying for both subject. im here actually in kl. taking a break from etr paper which destroy my mood to stdy the rest of the subject. u wana noe wat happen here in kl. to be specific. yesterday. i met sumbody new. this person really changes my mind on many different perception. not on her but towards stuff. i really hope to get to noe dis person more.

well thats it for now cos its getting late. my eyes cant stand dee. i promise i will finish this part of the early 4 months of this year. dun forget to leave ur comment to me MR.UndeciDeD

Monday, November 30, 2009

undecided 3

october 27 2009

Bile kita sygkn seseorang tu... its not easy for us to forget bout dem.. dats da lesson dat i learn today.

Time shows at 2 am.. i cant stop thinking on how lucky i am to ber her fren..eventhough my intention was to ber hers.. but as da topicc says.. its hard to let go someone dat u really care for.. im facing the same thins as she is.. wer she is unable to forget her bf and i am not able to forget her..she makes me really happy.. i really feel like just telling her how i really feel towards her.. but i cant do so. i love her to much dat im scared of loosing her at all.. i wish she could be mine.. wat i can do is just wait for the rite time..i just wana let u noe dat i really love u.. u may think its a joke.just because its a sudden.. but its the power of love.. mybe its not love..mybe its just a should i is blind.. honestly telling u.. hoping u would read all this n i wana let u noe that i really do love u form the bottom of my heart..

undecided 2

october 24 2009

A good friend is easy to get when u just become a friend to someone.In the beggining U will appreciate each other presence.. but later.. it turn out to be so different..adapting to sumone lifestlye and attitudes is not sumthing difficult to do, u just have to adapt. but how long do u have to? dats the question dat has been wondering in my head since ever. patients is wat we call a challenging someone heart n feelings.. beleive me..its not dat easy to control it.. but u have to just because u dont wana hurt the other person's feeling..

is that fair? should i seek revenge? once again im left unDeciDeD...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am Not Using you..

this particular article is dedicated to a fren of mine.. u noe who u are. i just wana let u know that im not fucking using u for my pleasureness.. i treat u different from anyone cos u deserve to be treated like that. i treat SUe different from everybody else cos she is different. i treat u different cos u need to be treated like dat. pls.. dun make me sound like a fucking pervert. its more into benefits. if u didnt like it u should have stop it from it getting deeper right?

look. i dunt want to argue.i have been doing that all my life now days. sick of fighthing for my rights. tired.i just wana let u noe that i appreciate what u have done for me. i mean everything. im scared that u would fall for me..i really am..i mean how can u. it will be like a bazaar..huru hara.hehe..

anyway i really do appreciate everything that u have done..i really do.. i love u as my fren.i will always love u..cos friendship brings more happiness than lovers.. trust me..

Friday, November 20, 2009

undecided 1

october 24 2009

i love the fact that i am ur friend. it could even be more wonderful if im the one u love..having u in my arms,holding hands,been bully n punch n pinch. those pain will go away but what stays are the memories. i cnt live without u. im so used having ur presence even without ur notice. maybe its love. but a foolish love that is beyond our control..

i love knowing u.. i want to get to noe u better and deeper.. i would nvr hurt ur feelings.. but wen comes to serious issue..u would not pick me because u already have someone else.. what a fool i am to be in dat position wer im in love wif sumeone who mite not be here for me.. as said its a foolish love dat can go beyond our just left der lonely n unDeciDeD......

Sunday, May 31, 2009


hello my friends.. sumhow having a blog, u must update not much a i will prefer to load up sum pics so it would look nice.hehe.. recently, me and my friends had a small gathering in kapitan in gurney was fun and enjoyable. it was really enjoyable and puas ati to look at my girl face when she meets her best friends. it was quiet sumtime dee when she saw her friends tasha and weena..also came along amir.sumhow got stuck in.hehe..but it was nice..fatin was also der. well she kinda have to cos we boroowed her car. so we drag her also.hehe. i had kapitans tandori nan cheese.. damn nice la weiii..hehe..tajul came by later. so as weena bf.ariff. we chit chat here and der. it was only a while cos tasya had to go home early. i hope to have dat kind of reunion again. i kinda miss dem gossiping around bout ppl and stuf. and at least dilla had seen her friends..hehe..