Sunday, May 31, 2009


hello my friends.. sumhow having a blog, u must update not much a i will prefer to load up sum pics so it would look nice.hehe.. recently, me and my friends had a small gathering in kapitan in gurney was fun and enjoyable. it was really enjoyable and puas ati to look at my girl face when she meets her best friends. it was quiet sumtime dee when she saw her friends tasha and weena..also came along amir.sumhow got stuck in.hehe..but it was nice..fatin was also der. well she kinda have to cos we boroowed her car. so we drag her also.hehe. i had kapitans tandori nan cheese.. damn nice la weiii..hehe..tajul came by later. so as weena bf.ariff. we chit chat here and der. it was only a while cos tasya had to go home early. i hope to have dat kind of reunion again. i kinda miss dem gossiping around bout ppl and stuf. and at least dilla had seen her friends..hehe..