Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i am dissappointed in life a few days now. it started on the last day of my final paper. it was selling final paper. guess wat. it is hard.the paper was really hard. i only did wat i knew and the rest hentam saja. then it was the last day to see my frens n all cos we do not noe where we will be thrown at u noe. it could be shah alam until arau. lets just pray and hope i dun get arau. its bad enough i had to survive in Kedah. deserted place but way better then arau la. neway. wat really turn down my day was that. my best fren.refuse to see me. resfuse to say goodbye to me. eventhough she noes that, dat day could be da last day we will ever lepak together but she didnt bother at all. i was so dissappointed and moral down. i am sad till today to think about it though. its sad because for 3 years we have been frens and poof out of the sudden she dont wana see me. MAYBE i did sumthing wrong to her but i didnt realise it. how should i noe.i Am not a mirror to myself. Frens are suppose to be the mirror for yourself. for instance, let say u have somthing on ur hair and u dun realise it untill ur frens tell u. thats wat i mean by frens are suppose to act as a mirror to us. not just apperance and personality but also for attitudes and many more.

So far i hope she enjoys everybit of her time now without not pist.but just sad. she like my best fren der. but y is she treating me like diss. kalau ada ak wat salah bgtau kt ak. masalahnye bknnye kite dpt jumpe lg next time and it is da last time pun still xnk tegor. so who am i suppose to tell her dat. but i did try and she still stand wif her answer. so i just have to face it then.


u r one of my best fren, being wif u make me feel like myself. i enjoy having u around. we have so many things in and so on. i care for u lyana. i nvr meant to hurt ur feelings. i have always been der for u in any kind of way. i appreaciate everything that we have done together b.. i dunno wat else to say except that i am really sorry for all the mistakes that i have done dat hurt ur feeling. i do not have the intention to do so at all. ppls forgive me for all the sins that i have done to u. n i want u to be happy all the time. u are ryte. i should move on. and percayala i am moving on now.even fatin dun believe me but have confidence in me b. i am trying my best to move on wif who u noe la kn.. give me time and i will move on.

thank you for eveything and sory. may god bless u wif prosperous life and happiness in what ever field u will be entering later on.. peace..