Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am Not Using you..

this particular article is dedicated to a fren of mine.. u noe who u are. i just wana let u know that im not fucking using u for my pleasureness.. i treat u different from anyone cos u deserve to be treated like that. i treat SUe different from everybody else cos she is different. i treat u different cos u need to be treated like dat. pls.. dun make me sound like a fucking pervert. its more into benefits. if u didnt like it u should have stop it from it getting deeper right?

look. i dunt want to argue.i have been doing that all my life now days. sick of fighthing for my rights. tired.i just wana let u noe that i appreciate what u have done for me. i mean everything. im scared that u would fall for me..i really am..i mean how can u. it will be like a bazaar..huru hara.hehe..

anyway i really do appreciate everything that u have done..i really do.. i love u as my fren.i will always love u..cos friendship brings more happiness than lovers.. trust me..

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