Friday, November 20, 2009

undecided 1

october 24 2009

i love the fact that i am ur friend. it could even be more wonderful if im the one u love..having u in my arms,holding hands,been bully n punch n pinch. those pain will go away but what stays are the memories. i cnt live without u. im so used having ur presence even without ur notice. maybe its love. but a foolish love that is beyond our control..

i love knowing u.. i want to get to noe u better and deeper.. i would nvr hurt ur feelings.. but wen comes to serious issue..u would not pick me because u already have someone else.. what a fool i am to be in dat position wer im in love wif sumeone who mite not be here for me.. as said its a foolish love dat can go beyond our just left der lonely n unDeciDeD......

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  1. weh,bunyinye mcm org kecewa nie??..sabar yea..hehehehe...